Stay Safe

While we do everything to ensure the safety of all our Help Together volunteers and help recipients, there are some extra things you can do to stay safe while giving or receiving help.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after delivering or receiving help and, if possible, wear gloves to protect yourself.
  2. Be sure to maintain a 2-metre distance between yourself and the helper/helpee at all times.
  3. If dropping off or receiving groceries, prescriptions or other deliveries, try and arrange a designated safe space for the items to be left at to avoid any unnecessary contact.
  4. If you receive a delivery from one of our volunteers, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after touching any bags or surfaces of items that have been delivered.
  5. Never give your private information out online. If someone asks you for your bank details or other private information and you don’t feel comfortable doing so, refuse to provide the information and then let us know and we will investigate.
  6. If it has not been pre-arranged and someone tries to come into your house, or if you are a volunteer and someone tries to invite you into their home, refuse. By following the above measures, our volunteers should have no need to enter a home unless it has been specifically stated in the help request.


We all need to come together at times like these. That’s why we started Help Together, to provide a platform that allows us to all work as a community to create a safe system of giving and receiving help.

By following these simple measures, you can help to ensure the safety of all of our Help Together volunteers and help recipients. Meaning we can continue to provide aid to those in need during Covid-19.

If you have any concerns about giving or receiving help from Help Together, contact us at and we’ll try to solve your concerns.

How this works

1. A person in need will post a request for help using the form on the ‘I Need Help’ page.

2. A member of our team will receive the request and, if it is deemed reasonable, they will approve the request and make it public for volunteers to see.

3. When a volunteer who can provide adequate help sees a request for aid, they’ll apply to help via the website.

4. A member of our team will receive the volunteer’s application and verify that they are able to help.

5. We will then connect the person in need of help with the volunteer so that they can arrange how the help will be best delivered.